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Pine Pointe Hospice & Palliative Care and Skyler Bear Program

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More Information at: (478) 633-5660 | 1-(800) 211-1084

Skyler Bear

Pine Pointe Hospice and Palliative Care, a service of The Medical Center of Central Georgia, opened in 1982. Not only the first hospice organization to serve the Macon and Central Georgia area, Pine Pointe Hospice (formerly Hospice of Central Georgia) was, and remains, the only not-for profit hospice located in Macon/Bibb County.

Our mission is to provide for the physical, emotional, social & spiritual needs of the dying person and his family. We want to assist the patient and family in achieving a high quality of life.

If you are considering hospice care for a loved one, our team of accomplished, and dedicated staff specialize in treating the patient, not the disease, and are especially adept at pain and symptom management to ensure our patients the utmost dignity in their final days. Pine Pointe Hospice and Palliative Care also is one of our community’s most highly regarded resources for bereavement counseling. For more information, click here or call: (478) 633-5660 or 1-(800)-211-1084

Pine Pointe Hospice has a program to help children understand and express feelings of sadness and grief.  The Skyler Bear Program includes a cute, cuddly 16-inch bear that comes along with a book and CD that shares the story of how he and his friends deal with the loss of his grandpa.  For more information on Skyler Bear, contact Mike Manley at manley.michael@mccg or at (478) 633-5677