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Staff Development and Education

In the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Drug Evaluation and Research's Report to Industry 1996, 131 original new drug applications (NDAs) and 53 new molecular entities (NMEs) were approved for use in the United States. From the perspective of new drug products alone, the need for continuous staff development and education is obvious.

Since the need for education does not stop when pharmacy school is over, the department of pharmacy services has a pharmacist who's activities include the ongoing staff development and education. Glenn Kelley, Pharm.D. coordinates the educational activities for pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students. Educational sessions have included: digoxin, vancomycin, aminoglycoside, theophylline, and phenytoin dosing; hematology, acid-base, electrolyte, liver function, and renal function monitoring; EKG interpretation, code medications, and parenteral nutrition.

In addition to these educational programs, the pharmacy practice residency program offers weekly Grand Round presentations for pharmacy and medical staff. These programs include local, regional, and national speakers.