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Services and Centers

Services and Centers


Pharmaceutical Care Satellites

Seven patient care satellites operate to provide pharmaceutical care to our patients. Each satellite is designed to meet the special needs of select patient populations. Pharmacists in patient care areas provide drug information, individualized medication dosing, as well as assist in designing intravenous nutritional support, and provide education to patients and other members of the healthcare team. Pharmacists in the patient care satellites participate in patient care rounds as an integral member of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. All pharmacists attend cardiac/respiratory arrests and assisting in drug dosing and preparation, and other services as needed.

Critical Care Satellite:  Pharmacists in the Critical Care Satellite are skilled in providing pharmaceutical care services for patients in our Surgical/Trauma, Neurosurgery, and Medical/Surgery Intensive Care Units.

Children’s Hospital Pharmacy:  Pharmacists with specialized training in pediatrics, and obstetrics manage the Children’s Hospital Pharmacy.  This pharmacy satellite provides services to all pediatric patients, including the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units. This satellite also provides care to the newborn nursery and Family Birth Center.

Adult Medicine/Cardiac Surgery Satellite:  The Adult Medicine / Cardiac Surgery Satellite Pharmacy Satellite is staffed with pharmacists who have specialized education and training in intensive cardiac care, renal, and adult medicine. This satellite services our Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, post cardiac surgery step-down unit, the Dialysis Center, the 4 main Adult Internal Medicine nursing unit.

Orthopedic Surgery/Adult Medicine Satellite:  This pharmacy satellite is staffed by pharmacists who provide services to a broad score of adult medicine acute care patients. Patients receiving pharmacy services from this satellite include patients undergoing orthopedic surgery procedures and adult internal medicine issues, such as diabetes.

Nephrology/Neurology Satellite:  These pharmacists are located on the 3rd floor and are responsible for participating in the care of patients with renal disease, neurology diseases, and general gynecology issues.

Oncology/Cardiology:  Adult oncology, and non-surgical cardiology are the patients cared for by pharmacists in the 8th floor pharmacy satellite.  Pharmacists play in integral role in the management of patients receiving chemotherapy by providing individualized, protocol-guided chemotherapy medication dosing.

Operating Room Satellite:  This satellite pharmacy specializes in the care of patients undergoing both inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures. This satellite provides services to the operating rooms by preparing medications used during surgery and participating in the development of medication usage protocols.