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Services and Centers

Services and Centers


Drug Information and Drug Research

The Drug Information Center and Pharmacy Library assist the medical community by accessing information by state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Internet and world wide web access
  • CD-ROM Iowa Drug Information System and microfiche
  • CD-ROM International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
  • MedLine
  • MicroMedex
  • On-Line Facts and Comparisons 

In addition to the automated technologies, the pharmacy library contains many journals and reference texts.

The Drug Information Service (DIS) monitors adverse drug reactions and pharmacists daily interventions by use of a Pharmaceutical Care Intervention Database Program. This program is available on all the pharmacy computers and allows the pharmacist an easy method to enter significant daily activities. DIS routinely monitors the adverse events and interventions to identify problem prone drugs and procedures.

All research, involving drugs, is coordinated through the drug information service. Areas of research have included: oncology, infectious diseases, anesthesia, hypertension, psychiatry, and others.

The Drug Information and Drug Research services are under the direction of Dr. Bernard Meyer von Bremen.