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Services and Centers

Services and Centers


Automation and Drug Distribution Services

The central pharmacy is accessible 24 hours a day and is the principal production area. The central pharmacy consists of:

  • An intravenous admixture preparation area with clean room, which is responsible for large-volume parenteral, mini bag, total parenteral nutrition, and chemotherapeutic agent preparation.
  • A unit dose area provides for STAT medications to special areas including: emergency center, and the psychiatric pavilion
    unit dose area is also responsible for the provision of controlled substances and performing 24-hour medication cart fill for the entire hospital.
  • A packaging and manufacturing area prepares unit doses from bulk containers and compounds a variety of dosage forms
    purchasing, inventory control, and administrative services also function from the central pharmacy location.

These distribution services are enhanced by state-of-the-art computerized information management systems, including:

  • Comprehensive on-line inpatient medication profiles utilizing Cerner's Millenium Product, MedManager
  • department wide local area network 
  • on-line clinical database accessible from each workstation (Micromedex®)
  • automated controlled substance and floor stock system (Pyxis®)
  • automated cartfill and first dose system (Rxobot®)
  • automated TPN compounding system (Baxa® Compounder)
  • ambulatory care pharmacy computer system (Relief®)
  • computerized patient billing
  • computerized purchasing and pricing updates
  • pneumatic tube system for STAT medications

Central Pharmacy Services Contacts:
Patricia Tomlinson, Manager Pharmacy UD Operations
Joe Ezell, Data Systems Manager