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Services and Centers

Services and Centers


Emergency & Urgent Care Services

At The Medical Center of Central Georgia, we realize the importance of providing faster and more convenient emergency and urgent care. That’s why we have you and your family covered for both major and minor emergencies:

Emergency Care and EMS
The Emergency Center at The Medical Center is the region’s only level I Trauma Center and one of only four in the state. Serving the needs of over 65,000 patients annually, we are fully aware that serious traumas may strike at any time. This is why we have a fleet of over 40 ambulances and specially trained emergency medical technicians on standby 24/7/365.

Urgent Care when you need it

Minor medical emergencies, illnesses and accidents can range from cold and flu, burns, bruises, pains and sprains to broken bones. So when it’s bigger than a scratch, but smaller than a major emergency, visit a convenient Med Center.

Please Note!
In the event of a serious emergency or major medical problem please call 911 or your local ambulance service right away. Or, visit The Emergency Center at The Medical Center of Central Georgia.

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