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Services and Centers

Services and Centers


Critical Care Center

The Critical Care Center at the Medical Center of Central Georgia consists of three distinct Units with one goal: To provide the highest quality healthcare and services for our patients and their families.  

Located on the second floor of the West Tower of the Medical Center, The Critical Care Center consists of three specialty units:     

The Surgical-Trauma ICU (STICU) is a 10-bed unit specializing in the care of patients who have experienced severe traumatic injuries or have required complex surgical procedures.  

The Neuro ICU (NICU) consists of 14 beds and provides care to patients who have experienced  severe neurological trauma, including traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, neurosurgery, endovascular neurosurgical procedures and other neurological conditions.  

The Medical-Surgical ICU (MSICU) is a 10 bed unit that focuses on the care of the critically ill medical and surgical patient. Patient populations can include respiratory disease, diabetic complications, renal disease and many other complex medical & surgical conditions.